Chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass

They Live is one of John Carpenter’s best non-horror movies. It’s also one of the most accurate depictions of American culture. In particular, politics, consumerism, and class struggle. Former pro-wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper plays a nameless drifter who discovers a conspiracy which involves a pair of glasses. Glasses which have the power to see the world as it truly is. SPOILER ALERT! It turns out that aliens have been filling our heads with subliminal messages. They’ve assumed positions of wealth and power and have been hiding in plain sight the entire time. The glasses show a black and white world with billboards that say things like “obey,” “consume,” “buy,” and so on. Roddy Piper takes full advantage of his wrestler status and several priceless one liners. There’s even a long hilarious fight scene between him and another character. They Live ends on a bittersweet note, but it does feel like an appropriate one. It feels like the kind of movie that could happen in real life. It makes you wonder if any politicians or billionaires are secretly aliens. I won’t name names though. They Live is a timeless action thriller.

“And I’m all out of Bubblegum”

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