Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Last Action Hero is the one Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I didn’t see as a kid, but probably should have. Why you may ask? I believe that any bad movie can be enhanced through the lense of a child. A child’s innocent mind is practically incapable of seeing the bad in even the worst of movies. There are definitely bad Schwarzenegger movies that I saw as a kid and loved. My parents never recommended Last Action Hero, because of how bad it is. When I did watch the movie, I could easily figure out how bad it is. Though it is nice to see old fashion Arnie one-liners and action. Last Action Hero is a strange mix of a parody and a love letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger films. The premise is actually very stupid. A kid uses a magic ticket to transport himself into a buddy cop action movie. I can’t fully appreciate the way it mocks movie cliches, because it does it in such a sloppy way. It’s also filled with pointless celebrity cameos that don’t go anywhere. Last Action Hero is a bit of an embarrassment, even for Arnold.


Jack Slater or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

4 thoughts on “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

  1. I have to be honest, but I really enjoyed this movie. The cheesyness of it really worked for me. I thought it was a really fun film, with a couple of seriously funny scenes. Loved the way he was making fun of the Sylvester Stallone movies πŸ˜€

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    1. I think it was misunderstood when it was released. Very funny and I don’t think many action heroes would have been willing to send themselves up while at the top of their game.

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      1. Yeah, I think you might be right about the misunderstood part. I think a lot of people have taken this one a bit too seriously, which it clearly wasn’t meant to be. It’s become a bit of cult classic I guess, but a very enjoyable one 😊

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