Mouse is in the House

MouseHunt is another one of my favorite movies growing up. Yes, it was part of my VHS collection. Me and my brother watched it frequently. I even tried to get my teacher to show it in my 5th grade class. I was trying to be funny, because the day before we saw a mouse in the classroom. Unfortunately we weren’t able to watch it, cause of a few bad words. That didn’t stop me from watching the movie so many times I can pretty much quote every line. Surprisingly, MouseHunt is the first family film by DreamWorks. The movie is filled with so much intense slapstick and innuendo that you might forget that it’s for kids. Luckily the mouse has a cute little bed that makes up for it. The slapstick it so over the top that I laugh every time I see it. The two guys should have died multiple times, and all just to catch a mouse. MouseHunt isn’t perfect, but I still enjoy it even though I’m older.


The Mouse

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