Flowers and Chocolate

Hitch is a must watch for men struggling to find their true love. Even I find myself taking lessons. Hitch is one of those movies that I hadn’t been certain I watched. I know I saw the trailer a bunch of times on a DVD I can’t recall. I guess that made me feel like I saw it. Regardless, I watched the movie on “Hulu” and I loved it. Hitch is about a love specialist who teaches men how to talk to women they like. He teaches them things like confidence, behavior, and signals. Will Smith is just the kind of charismatic actor who is perfect for the role. It’s also the only Kevin James performance that I like. Hitch is all about romance. Which means Hitch has to fall in love as well. In order to keep the movie diverse, they cast Eva Mendes as the love interest. There are lots of hilarious scenes between its leads. Hitch actually brings up some interesting questions about love. Weather or not men or women are to blame for relationship familiar. Hitch is a rom com that fans of this genre will fall in love with.

Hitch (left) teaches Albert (right) to dance

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