It’s Turkey Time

Gigli is easily one of the worst movies ever made. It’s not even bad in a good way. By the end I was begging for the movie to be over. Gigli is simply torture to sit through. As a movie buff, I feel it’s important to see just as many bad movies as good movies. Gigli has always been on the list of “worst movies ever made.” So I knew I needed to see it just to find out why it sucks so much. As soon as I explain the plot you’re gonna know why. Gigli is about a mobster named Larry Gigli (rhymes with really). He’s tasked with kidnapping the mentally disabled brother of a federal prosecutor. A lesbian woman named Ricki works with Gigli when the job gets too difficult. Which leads to constant abuse towards the mentally disabled hostage and a forced romance between Ricki and Gigli. Oh my God, where do I start…


Gigli (left) and Ricki (right) meet the detective

Despite the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were together at the time, they have no chemistry whatsoever. 2003 wasn’t a good year for Ben Affleck. Though I do think that J.Lo’s performance could have worked in a better movie. The depiction of a mentally disabled person is very offensive (see Rain Man if you want to see it done right). The whole idea of a guy trying to get with a lesbian is also bad. It makes no sense that they’d even attempt to do that. She even gives a long speech about why she doesn’t like men (while doing yoga for some reason). They do eventually hook up, but only after she uses his feminine side to pretend he’s a woman. Just about everything the movie does is bound to offend somebody. They even managed to drag Al Pacino and Christopher Walken into it. The reason being that the movie was intended to be a dark crime drama, but they felt it was too dark. So they edited and rewrote it to be a romantic comedy instead. I will admit that one scene in particular did almost make me laugh. Gigli is so very misguided. The dialogue is also horrendously bad. The “turkey time” line in particular being a standout. Gigli is just a really really bad movie.

Gigli (right) seduces Ricki (left)

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