Show Me the Money!

Jerry Maguire is probably the sappiest movie ever nominated for Best Picture. Not that it doesn’t deserve it, but you’ve gotta admit the movie has some pretty cheesy lines. Lines like “Show Me the Money!,” “You complete me,” and “You had me at hello” are all memorable for their cheesiness. In Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise plays a sports agent who gets fired and attempts to maintain the athletes he represents. Renee Zellweger plays a single mother who chooses to follow him in his new business. Jonathan Lipnicki plays her son and steals every scene he’s in. Cuba Gooding Jr. actually managed to win an Oscar for his performance as an eccentric football player. All the performances are great. I’m not much of a sports person, but the movie is also a romance. The romance is a little unconventional, though still pretty sweet. Sure Jerry Maguire may be sappy, but it’s bound to make you smile nevertheless.

Jerry: “You complete me” Dorothy: “You had me at hello”

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