Scientific Stupidity

Battlefield Earth is easily the worst passion project ever allowed to be put to screen. From long-time Scientologist John Travolta, Battlefield Earth was meant to be the next Star Wars. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah right. Battlefield Earth is so stupid you kill brain cells just by watching it. Battlefield Earth has something to do with a race of aliens called Psychlos who’ve ruled over earth for 1,000 years. This plot wouldn’t work even if it was done well. John Travolta plays the leader of the Psychlos, in a performance that is both hammy and cheesy. I don’t know how they managed to drag Forest Whitaker into it, but his role is clearly an embarrassment. The makeup and overall design of the aliens is just ugly to look at. And for some reason the entire movie is shot in a tilted angle. I kid you not, it looks like they could fall off the screen at any moment. The dialogue is just laughably bad. They also use the word leverage a lot. Which really annoyed me after the 10th time they used it. Battlefield Earth deservedly ended up being a box office disaster. It was also destroyed by critics and sports a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even managing to win 9 Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture of the Decade. I’m not going to get into a thing about Scientology, but this movie should never have been made. Battlefield Earth is one of the worst, if not the worst sci-fi movie ever made!


“While you were still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAME, I was being trained to conquer GALAXIES!”

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