There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky

The Martian, the comedy event of 2015. Not really, but that’s where the debate comes in. The Martian is about an astronaut who gets accidentally stranded on Mars. When I first heard of The Martian I thought this seemed like a pretty interesting idea. Would a person actually manage to survive on the planet Mars? This is why I think Martian colonies are a bad idea. The Martian keeps things entertaining with a great performance by Matt Damon. He’s the one who supplies the movie with most of its “comedy.” His role is suspiciously similar to the one he did one year before in Interstellar. There’s also a huge ensemble of actors who also make the movie great. The main theme of the movie is how humanity comes together when someone is in trouble. All nations unite to bring Mark Watney home. There was a big debate about whether or not The Martian counts as a comedy. It’s about survival, so it can get pretty dramatic. Then again, there are a lot of jokes that keep it light. I guess the question is, is a movie with a lot of jokes a comedy? Whatever you think, The Martian is another well made movie about space exploration.


Mark Watney sits alone on Mars

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