The Lady’s Man

Tootsie is perhaps the greatest drag movie ever made. I mean it was nominated for Best Picture. When a struggling actor has a hard time finding work, he decides to pass himself off as a woman in order to get a role. Unfortunately he ends up becoming a female icon on a soap opera. Which only makes things worse when the girl he likes thinks he’s a lesbian and her father becomes attracted to him. It’s a long hilarious misunderstanding. The most impressive thing about the movie is how much Dustin Hoffman looks like a woman. Even with very little makeup. Dustin Hoffman was nominated for Best Actor, but Jessica Lange was the one who won. Playing a convincing woman is hard enough, but playing someone who is supposed to act opposite someone acting like a woman is just as hard. Tootsie can be very funny, as most drag movies are (like Mrs. Doubtfire). Though it does bring up deeper questions about men and women. Specifically about whether a man can be a crusader for women. The title Tootsie actually refers to a name men sometimes use to demean women. If you haven’t seen Tootsie, I strongly recommend checking it out.


Michael Dorsey as Dorothy Michaels

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