Going Native

Dances with Wolves is a 3 hour long sweeping epic. I had always heard stories of the movie Dances with Wolves. About how it was really long, because Kevin Costner didn’t know how to make short movies. He developed a bit of a reputation for that. I knew I one day needed to see his first and most successful movie as a director. My teacher showed my class part of the movie when I was a Junior, but didn’t watch the movie in its entirety until just this year. Dances with Wolves is one of the best movies you’ll see about Native Americans. It’s about a Lieutenant named John J. Dunbar who transfers himself to a post in the western frontier. While there he meets a wolf that he names Two Socks and eventually a tribe of Sioux. Much of the films runtime is dedicated to his attempt at communicating with and understanding their culture. Despite a lot of the dialogue being spoken in Lakota, you really come to understand the native people. By the time the American soldiers show up again, you definitely hate them. Dances with Wolves was one of the first films to depict a person abandoning their own culture for another. It was also responsible for revitalizing the western genre at the time. In the end, Dances with Wolves received 7 Oscars including Best Picture. Sure it’s long, but I was fully immersed in every minute of it.

Dances with Wolves

The Sioux discover a herd of Buffalo

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