Put that Cookie Down, Now!

It’s Black Friday everybody! You know what that means. Spend Spend Spend! I thought I’d review a movie that represents the absolute worst of Christmas materialism. Jingle All the Way is all about buying a popular toy that every kid wants for Christmas. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father who forgets to buy the toy last minute and hastily tries to find one. The toy in question is a superhero named “Turbo Man.” A name that actually holds a lot of meaning for my brother. There’s a lot to unpack here, no pun intended. Jingle All the Way is one of many comedies Arnie starred in as he was doing less action roles. His most quotable line by far is “Put that Cookie Down, Now!” I recommend listening to the remix, it’s a riot. Sinbad is also there in a role so over-the-top that it upstages Arnold himself. There’s also Jake Lloyd in his Pre-Anakin days. Now I’ve given you every reason to avoid this movie. However, I actually really enjoy Jingle All the Way. Arnold Schwarzenegger is always entertaining, even in a Christmas movie. And as a Christmas movie, I don’t expect them to all be winners. The main problem is the tone. Jingle All the Way doesn’t know whether it wants to be witty satire or wacky slapstick. The ending is an extreme shift in tone. Other than that, Jingle All the Way is a fun nonsense Christmas movie.


Howard finally gets his hands on a Turbo Man

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