Between Heaven and Hell

What Dreams May Come has some interesting ideas, but questionable execution. On one hand, the visuals are both creative and beautiful, but on the other hand, nobody remembers this movie. I’ve heard of a lot of Robin Williams movies, but What Dreams May Come was not one of them. I actually first discovered it when I saw a list of movies to win Best Visual Effects. Which is easily the movies greatest strength. What Dreams May Come is about a man who dies a year after his children died. He goes to Heaven, but his wife goes to Hell after she commits suicide from depression. Being a christian, I wouldn’t exactly call its depictions of Heaven or Hell accurate, but it’s a movie so, suspension of disbelief. Heaven is depicted as being either a golden kingdom or a moving painting. Pretty much whatever your own personal imagine of Heaven would look like. Upon hearing that his wife killed herself, they make a trip to Hell, and try to rescue her (like I said, suspension of disbelief). Hell is depicted as something of a coal mine with lost souls trapped in the ground. What Dreams May Come has a ridiculously depressing premise and only one redeeming quality, its visual effects. See it for that reason only.



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