Lights, Camera, Action!

Ed Wood is one of the all time best movies about bad movies ever made. I’ve previously talked about the work of Ed Wood in my review for the “so bad it’s good” movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. The movie that he’s most known for, but he has done more. Tim Burton actually decided to make a movie about all his great accomplishments. Unlike most biopics, Ed Wood is shot entirely in black and white. It really sets the mood and the feel of the time. Ed Wood was just a struggling filmmaker who was just trying to get his foot in the door. He had bizarre ideas for movies, dressed in women’s clothes, and had no budget whatsoever. Yet somehow he managed to get Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi to star in 3 of his films. As well as Vampira (the original Elvira). How did Ed Wood manage to get someone like Bela Lugosi you may ask? He actually befriended him when he was old and pretty much lost his career. Martin Landau plays Bela Lugosi to perfection. The movie itself is also surprising outstanding. Johnny Depp plays Ed Wood with an almost childlike sense of wonder. We see how Glen or Glenda, Bride of the Monster, and of course Plan 9 from Outer Space was filmed. They capture bad filmmaking perfectly. Sure Ed Wood is known as the worst director of all time, but at least he was doing what he loved.


Ed Wood (right) prepares to shoot a picture

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