A Tale of Two Christmases

The Holiday is like two Christmas movies in one. When British Iris Simpkins and American Amanda Woods both face love problems around Christmas, they decide to switch houses for a holiday. Iris travels to Amanda’s mansion in Los Angeles and Amanda travels to Iris’s cottage in London. They both manage to find love, but in two very different ways. Amanda is a movie trailer producer who lives in Los Angeles. She breaks up with her long time boyfriend after he cheats on her. When she does the swap, Amanda tries to adjust to living in a cold climate and driving on the left. Then she meets Graham, Iris’s good looking brother. The two start a complicated relationship that receives a lot more screen-time than the other romance in the movie. Amanda and Graham’s relationship is a sweet one with lots of chemistry…


Amanda (right) and Graham (left)

Iris is a writer for The Daily Telegraph who lives in London. Her feelings are hurt when the man she’s been pining for for years gets engaged. When she does the swap, Iris spends most of her time getting to know an elderly screenwriter who lives next to her new home. He opens her up to many old movies. Something that she eventually shares with Miles, a composer who works with Amanda’s ex. Iris and Miles relationship is odd, but not without its fun moments. The Holiday survives mostly from its star power. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black all star in the movie. I enjoyed watching it for the most part. It’s sweet, but way too long and kinda predictable. Though it does have a lot of nice houses that fans of decor will enjoy. The Holiday may not be a Christmas classic, but its romances makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

Iris (left) and Miles (right)

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