What is Line?

Oh, hi Mark. The Disaster Artist is a brilliant telling of the making of the best worst movie ever made, The Room (a movie I’ve already reviewed). At this point I’ve seen The Room two times, read the book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, played the online game, and seen countless reviews from YouTube critics such as the Nostalgia Critic. Needless to say, I became a huge fan. Imagine my excitement/curiosity when I found out they were making a movie about its creation. I don’t normally see James Franco/Seth Rogen movies, but this isn’t like the others. Much like Ed Wood, The Disaster Artist gives a sincere look at what it’s like to make a movie, good or bad. Tommy Wiseau set out to make a great movie, but ended up making one of the worst. While Greg Sestero befriended Tommy with the goal to become a more experienced actor. James Franco disappeared in the role and Dave Franco was really good as well. Much like Tommy, James Franco directed the movie himself. They managed to make a movie that’s both funny and real. The production is spot on with many scenes that remake The Room perfectly. Sure there are moments from the book that they left out, but the movie hit on all the right stuff. The Disaster Artist deserves many Oscar nominations. Which is extremely ironic.

Greg Sestero (left) and Tommy Wiseau (right) watch The Room

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