Car Wars

American Graffiti is the second and last movie George Lucas directed before the Star Wars saga. American Graffiti also has nothing to do with science fiction. It was so good that it earned Lucas his first Oscar nomination for directing and writing. American Graffiti is about “cruising culture,” the last days of teenhood, and rock ‘n’ roll. Far from the thought provoking sci fi or epic space battles Lucas is known for. Like most great teen movies, American Graffiti doesn’t really have a plot. A bunch of teen friends do their own thing until the night is up. Yes, the entire movie takes place in one long night. The likes of Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, and even Harrison Ford are seen in their younger years. What makes it so special is how much it influenced teen films. I don’t know much about this “cruising culture,” but it must have been a common youthful pastime. Not only did Lucas get nominated, but Candy Clark got a Best Supporting Actress nomination for playing a rebellious teen. Though I liked some misadventures better than others, they’re all good in making the movie great. While American Graffiti may be one of six George Lucas directed movies (four of which are Star Wars), it stands out for being one of the best teen movies ever.

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