Cowboys and Indians

An older generation of children used to play a little game called “Cowboys and Indians.” Meanwhile, The Indian in the Cupboard asks the question: What if the Cowboys and Indians could play back? The Indian in the Cupboard is another one of my fond childhood movie memories. Part of my large VHS collection. The movie is about a boy named Omri, (who names a kid Ormi?) who receives a cupboard from his brother on his birthday. Along with a small plastic Indian figurine from his best friend. He quickly realizes that this is no ordinary cupboard. Whatever you put in it comes to life. Eventually his friend finds out and decides to put a Cowboy in it. So how does a simple plot like this stay interesting? Well it brings up questions of humanity and if natural enemies can get along. Most of the focus is on the bond that forms between the boy and Indian. Though there are a few other figures that go into the magic cupboard. Along with the Cowboy there’s a Soldier, a T-Rex, Robocop, and Darth Vader to name a few. The Indian in the Cupboard has a creative premise and it holds a special place in my childhood. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it.


Little Bear (left) and Boone the Cowboy (right) in the Cupboard

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