All Star Heroes

Before there was X-Men or the MCU, there was Mystery Men. A whole movie about a team of B-list superheroes. When Champion City loses the hero Captain Amazing, the Mystery Men unite to save the city. A team with the powers getting annoyed, throwing silverware, shoveling things, deadly farting, maybe invisibility, bowling ball throwing, and sage advice. Mystery Man has a great sense of self aware humor. Making it stand out more than you might think. The entire cast is filled with great comedians who all get their time to shine. What you might not know is that Mystery Men is actually based on a comic. Something called Flaming Carrot Comics. Like I’ve said in other superhero posts, the 90’s was a decade where Hollywood would make a superhero movie out of anything. Another thing you might not know is that Mystery Men is the movie “All Star” by Smash Mouth was written for. Everyone thinks Shrek was the movie that it was written for, but that isn’t the case. Shrek was just the movie that made the song famous. So if you’d like to see something other than the heroes you’re used to, Mystery Men might be a welcomed change of pace.

Mystery Men: (left to right) The Bowler, Invisible Boy, The Sphinx, The Shoveler, The Spleen, Mr. Furious, and The Blue Raja

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