The Polar Express is the kind of Christmas movie you either love or hate. Most people would consider it a classic, while others would be quick to point out the animation as a big flaw. I remember when I was in elementary school my teacher read The Polar Express to the class. That actually sort of got me excited for the movie. However, the animation was a bit of a turn off the first time I saw the trailer. So I didn’t watch the movie for years. Then I finally sat down, watched it, and I do like it. I’ve made a tradition of watching it every Christmas season since. You see, Robert Zemeckis got really obsessed with motion capture animation and The Polar Express was the first one he made. Which is also the first movie to be fully motion capture animated. The way the humans look is a mix of creepy and distracting. If you can get past that, The Polar Express is actually a good story. A nameless kid (he’s literally credited as “Hero Boy”) gets to go on the Polar Express. An express train that takes kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. It’s a short book, so there’s a lot of padding and random musical numbers. Tom Hanks must have been a big fan, cause he plays five characters and narrates the movie. At its core, The Polar Express is about believing and if that’s not Christmas enough, I don’t know what is.


The Polar Express

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