Santa! Oh My God!

Elf is easily one of the funniest Christmas movies ever made! It’s become a Christmas classic for its story, humor, and heart. Like most Christmas movies, I saw Elf when I was in school. My 5th grade class was nearing Winter break and we watched Elf. It didn’t take me long to realize Elf was awesome. I only wish my teacher didn’t fast forward a scene where they said a naughty word. Fun fact: Elf actually airs completely uncut on TV, because there’s nothing offensive or objectionable in it. Which leads to my next point. Elf is sort of the only Will Ferrell starring movie I like (or have seen). He’s never really been my all time favorite comedian, but I think he’s hilarious in Elf. I guess I should give him a chance in other movies, but I’m getting off topic. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen Elf, here’s the story. Buddy is a human that accidentally ends up in Santa’s bag when he was a baby. One of the elves decides to raise him and Buddy ends up thinking he’s an elf (despite being taller than the other elves). When he learns the truth, Buddy’s father and Santa tell him that his real father lives in New York. His arrival in New York brings laughs, joy, and hope for those who’ve forgotten to have Christmas spirit. There’s also a sweet love story in the mix. That’s what I love most about Elf. Among the countless hilarious scenes in the movie, it really is a feel good Christmas movie. One that I’ve been watching almost every Christmas season since I first saw it.


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”

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