Straight Outta South Central

Boyz n the Hood is about as real as you can get with the hood. I actually saw Straight Outta Compton (see that review here) before Boyz n the Hood. They left anything having to do with the movie out of Straight Outta Compton (save for a few mentions of it). So I knew I needed to see Boyz n the Hood at some point. So Happy Kwanzaa, here’s Boyz n the Hood. As I’ve said in other reviews, this isn’t the kind of race movie I’d normally watch. But I can set aside the movies intense/dramatic tone and just see it for what it is. And what it is is incredible. Ice Cube makes his acting debut and he’s a natural. A group of kids (later teens) grow up in their increasingly violent neighborhood. They make life changing decisions all while dodging drive by gunshots. Boyz n the Hood is all about Black-on-Black violence. Which the movie says is the cause of the most death in the African American community. Like I said, Boyz n the Hood feels real and it is very intense. In the end, the message is clear. You either continue living in a cycle of violence and eventually get shot or you get out and have a long fulfilling future. A powerful message that earned first time director John Singleton an Oscar nomination. Making him the first African American to get one. He was also 24 years old when he directed it! That makes him the youngest director ever to get a nomination. Boyz n the Hood is just overall a very significant and important movie.


Ricky (left), Tre (center), and Doughboy (right) n the hood

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