You’re Tearing Me Apart!

Rebel Without a Cause is the late James Dean’s second starring role. Sadly, Dean wasn’t able to see it, because he died in a car crash the month before its release. Which was a bit of cruel irony considering the subject matter of the movie. Rebel Without a Cause was the James Dean movie I wanted to see the most. Mostly because of the impact it had on American pop culture. Dean’s red jacket, blue jeans, and slicked up hair is legendary (Philip J. Fry anyone). Rebel Without a Cause is about a group of troubled teenagers who cope with their problems in their own (sometimes dangerous) way. Rebel Without a Cause was one of the first movies to depict teenagers this way. By showing them questioning authority and doing dangerous things like drag racing. James Dean plays Jim Stark, a young man trying to deal with his parents conflicting behavior. That’s where the famous line “You’re tearing me apart!” comes from. Natalie Wood plays Judy, a young lady who feels like her father doesn’t love her anymore, so she acts out by wearing racy clothes. And Sal Mineo plays Plato, his parents abandoned him and his nanny takes care of him. They all come together and help each other through the drag racing death they just witnessed. Probably the saddest thing of all is that all three of these actors died by unnatural circumstances. Rebel Without a Cause didn’t earn Dean an Oscar nomination, but it is easily the movie he will forever be remembered for. See it and be amazed.

Rebel Without a Cause

Jim confronts his parents

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