Story of a Lifetime

Gracie’s Choice is a Lifetime original movie about a girl named Gracie who escapes her mom’s self destructive tendencies along with her three brothers. It’s based on a true story of course. With Kristen Bell and Anne Heche both starring in the movie. Back then, I wasn’t the kind of person who watched Lifetime original movies. It wasn’t until I watched this movie that I started to take an interest them. Like most people my age, I first watched Gracie Choice in my high school Health class. Gracie comes from a home where her sister and three brothers all have the same mom, but different dads. Her mom is always sleeping around and moving her family from place to place. You really grow to hate the mother for what she’s doing. So when Gracie does escape with her brothers (her sister sadly ends up like their mother), she tries to rebuild a life where they don’t get split up. Everyone gives a great performance that sort of makes me wish the movie was theatrical. That being said, I’m glad that Gracie’s Choice was the Lifetime original movie that I was introduced to.


Gracie (left) confronts her mother (right)

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