Soundtrack to My Life

Baby Driver is a slick fast paced action flick with style to spare. I had seen every Edgar Wright movie before Baby Driver and I can easily say it’s my favorite. When I first saw the trailer I could tell it was something special. It didn’t make me rush to the theaters, but I knew I needed to see it because of its glowing reviews. Baby Driver is about a getaway driver named Baby who always wears headphones, because he has tinnitus. It’s one of those “one last job and I’m done” movies. With Ansel Elgort playing Baby, a role that should open him up to more roles. Although Baby’s soundtrack is easily the star of the movie. Each song is chosen specifically to fit the actions that happen in the movie. I especially liked how the soundtrack wasn’t obvious. They choose good songs that most people (like me) never heard before. The best word to describe Baby Driver is “unique.” With a pink and red color pallet that really makes it stand out. It’s funny, but also charming. Violent, but also romantic. It gets a little crazy at the end, but really the whole movie is that way. Baby Driver is one of the best movies of 2017. Hopefully it wins lots of awards. “Was he slow?”


Baby drives

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