Number 5 is Alive!

Short Circuit is the story of a military robot named Number 5 that gains sentience when it’s struck by lightning. I had no idea this movie existed until my mom pointed it out to me several years ago. I couldn’t help but wonder what the robot would look like. Well I’d say Number 5 looks like a tall version of WALLโ€ขE. Complete with binocular eyes, wheels for feet, and since it’s a military robot, a shoulder mounted laser cannon. Which is admittedly a pretty cool design for a robot. When Number 5 does gain sentience, he wanders off, and encounters Stephanie. A woman with a serious love for animals. Meanwhile, the military tracks Number 5 down, with plans to disassemble him. Along with a generic scientist named Newton and a racist Indian stereotype named Ben. Short Circuit isn’t a great movie, but I really enjoy it. Number 5 is a very likeable robot. He craves input, talks like a TV, and just wants to prove that he’s alive. And in the end, he chooses the name Johnny 5, because it sounds better than Number 5. Short Circuit is an underrated gem that anyone who loves robots should watch.

Number 5 uses his laser

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