Johnny 5: Lost in New York

Short Circuit 2 is the just as underrated sequel to Short Circuit. Only instead of taking place in the countryside, Short Circuit 2 moves the action to the big city. Ben (the racist Indian stereotype from the first movie) is now a toymaker who sells Johnny 5 toys on the street. So after a series of events involving bank robbers, Johnny 5 is sent to help Ben build toys. While the first movie was more focused on whether or not a robot could be alive. The second movie is more focused on giving Johnny 5 a personality. Along with his new name, Johnny 5 also wears a red handkerchief, and replaced his laser with a tool box. I actually enjoyed Short Circuit 2 just as much as the first movie. The Ben stuff isn’t as bad as it might have been. The bank robbing stuff is kinda meh, but if you like Johnny 5, it won’t matter. I saw Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 pretty much back to back, so I see them as a package deal. There was talk about a remake, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Both movies are simply fun (sometimes dramatic) robot flicks.


Johnny 5 travels around New York

Preceded by: Short Circuit

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