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Arrival is the thinking man’s sci-fi movie. Without giving too much away, Arrival is about a linguistics expert who’s tasked with communicating with aliens that have recently arrived on Earth. They arrive in what I could only describe as half egg shaped spaceships. With the alien’s themselves looking like giant squid creatures. They communicate with a series of circular ink patterns that the main character has to decipher. Director Denis Villeneuve managers to craft a movie with atmosphere that leaves you with more questions than answers. Amy Adams also delivers one of her best performances to date. I’m a big fan of alien invasion movies, so I was curious when I first saw the trailer. Though I wasn’t initially sold. The overall look of the movie didn’t grab me at first. However, when I found out it maintained a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (not anymore though), I did plan on going to the theaters to see it. It didn’t pan out, but I did still hope the movie would win some Oscar attention. We’ve already had a fantasy win Best Picture. Now if we could only get a science fiction film to win. Well if more movies are made like Arrival, I think it could happen one day.

The heptapod spaceship


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