In the Year 2027

Children of Men is easily one of the bleakest depictions of the future in a film. I didn’t even know it was set in the future when I heard the title some years back. It’s not quite post-apocalyptic. There isn’t that much futuristic technology, unless you count the windshields. So I had no idea it was a science fiction movie. Children of Men is about a future where all women are infertile and the youngest person on Earth is 18 years old. The world is also filled with war and chaos. The disillusioned lead character Theo, is tasked with escorting a woman to a safe location. SPOILER ALERT! The woman in question is pregnant! Her name is Kee, and she’s an African American illegal immigrant. Her being illegal is why she has to be escorted secretly. Alfonso Cuarón directs Children of Men to perfection. One of his primary directing styles is shooting scenes with a single take. Something he’s so dedicated to that they didn’t even bother wiping off the blood that splatters onto the camera during an action scene. I’m still not even sure if that was intentional or not. Children of Men is so bleak that just about every character dies. Don’t get too attached to anyone is all I’ll say. I sincerely hope this future is never a reality. Children are a gift and Children of Men executes that message brilliantly.


Theo (left) helps Kee (right) get to safety

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