A Timeless Message

Our Friend, Martin will always be my favorite movie about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As good as Selma is, this is the movie I grew up with. There’s also a good chance you’ve never heard of this movie. Unless you’re about my age and your teacher showed it to you when you were in school. That’s how I saw this movie (twice actually). For those who don’t know, Our Friend, Martin is an animated direct-to-video film about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Told in the craziest way possible. Two friends (one black, one white) time travel through MLK’s life. From when he’s a kid, a young man, and eventually growing into the man we remember today. They witness major events like the Birmingham riot and the “I have a dream speech.” The animation is actually pretty good for a direct-to-video movie. Not just that, the voice cast is also very impressive. Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Bassett, James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, Ed Asner, Ashley Judd, Susan Sarandon, John Travolta, and Oprah Winfrey all lend their voices for this under the radar direct-to-video movie. I guess making a movie about MLK was enough to convince them. My favorite thing about this movie is something that happens at the end. We see what the world would be like if Dr. King never existed. It ain’t pretty. So I would highly recommend watching Our friend, Martin this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Miles (left) and Randy (right) time travel

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