The Teen Years

SPOILER ALERT! Please read my review for My Girl before you read this review (the link is at the bottom). My Girl 2 is not as well known as My Girl, but it does exist, so here’s my review. Ever since I saw My Girl some years back I was against the idea of a sequel. I was surprised to know that there was one made three years after the original. It must of flown under the radar, because nobody talks about it. Unlike the original, My Girl 2 doesn’t have the emotional weight that made it so notable. Vada is now 13 and experiencing puberty. I was against the idea of a sequel, because the trailers made the movie seem like it was about Vada falling for some guy. I’m sorry, but when your best friend/first kiss dies, you should never be with anyone else. Well My Girl 2 actually isn’t about that. It’s actually about Vada looking for answers about who her deceased mother was. It’s not as deep, but I didn’t mind it. Every actor returns even if it’s for a bit part. I like these characters, so the sequel was just okay in my opinion. Even with the new love interest. Although having them become cousins in the end felt a little weird. My Girl 2 won’t make you cry, but it’s at least worth watching if you enjoyed the first movie.


Vada (right) and Nick (left) search for answers

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