Life is a Rollercoaster

Adventureland is a coming-of-age tale about a high school graduate who works at an amusement park to fund a trip. The amusement park he works at is the titular Adventureland. I’m not sure what its like working at an amusement park, but the movie doesn’t hold back. Games are rigged, people litter, they play the same song over and over again, and people throw up all the time. Honestly if this wasn’t a film about growing up, I’d assume it was a satire about how horrible it is working at an amusement park. Adventureland was not a movie I ever planned on seeing, but you’ll know why I did when you see tomorrow’s review. Jesse Eisenberg plays his usual awkward young man role, while Kristen Stewart plays her usual awkward young woman role. Somehow they work very well together. It’s also ironic that I watched Freaks and Geeks just last year, because Adventureland feels like an episode of that. Not just because it has Martin Starr in it. It’s also set in the 80’s, funny, and dramatically real like Freaks and Geeks (they even smoke weed like in the show). Even though I never planned on seeing Adventureland, I’m glad I did, because it was surprisingly good.


James (center) and Em (left) enjoy the fireworks at Adventureland

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