Nut Up or Shut Up

Zombieland takes zombies in wild new directions. Rather than focusing on a group of survivors in one location, Zombieland only focuses on four confirmed survivors traveling across the country. Why four exactly? Well everyone else didn’t follow the rules. The rules include always being ready to run, avoiding confined spaces, making sure a zombie is dead (double tap), etc. Common sense for the most part. If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, you got to follow these rules. At least according to our lead. None of the characters use their real names. Instead, they’re all named after places (just so nobody gets too familiar). Jessie Eisenberg is the awkward survivalist Columbus. He teams up with gun-toting Twinkie obsessed lunatic Tallahassee. Woody Harrelson was born to play this part. Along with Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin who play con artist sisters Wichita and Little Rock. They round out a surprisingly fleshed out set of survivors. Together they fight off hordes of fast zombies in an attempt to seek refuge. Look out for a hilarious detour involving “zombie” Bill Murray. I don’t watch a whole lot of zombie movies, but Zombieland has enough gore and comedy to appeal to everyone. I just have one question. What’s the deal with this movie and Adventureland? It can’t be a coincidence that two movies that star Jessie Eisenberg, have “land” in the title, and feature an amusement park both happened to be released in the same year. In this case, the amusement park is the last stand for our survivors turned family. Zombieland makes the zombie apocalypse fun.


Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock

Followed by: Zombieland: Double Tap

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