Less than Wowzers

I’ll bet you didn’t know there was an Inspector Gadget 2. Well there was. A direct-to-video movie without the original cast that was still technically a sequel to the first Inspector Gadget. Now on paper that may sound like a horrible idea, but it’s actually not that bad. I like the first movie in a guilty pleasure sort of way where I know it’s bad. Inspector Gadget 2 is also bad, (mostly because it has a direct-to-video budget) but they at least tried to fix the problems that the first movie had. French Stewart is a much better bumbling detective than Matthew Broderick. Penny and Brain are actually doing something important like in the show. Dr. Claw’s face is not shown like in the first movie (they conceal his face with a hat). Why couldn’t they just do that in the first place? Why did it have to come from a throwaway movie? I was still young when I saw this movie. It came on the Disney Channel one time and I watched it with my brother. The stuff with the new robot gadget, G2, was fun. Some of the jokes made me laugh. Sure nobody’s gonna remember Inspector Gadget 2 like the first, but I still had an okay time watching it.

Inspector gadget (right) and G2 (left)

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