Farewell to the Master

The Day the Earth Stood Still was never a movie that I expected to see a remake for. The original is fine the way it is, but you know how Hollywood is. They decided to make it to where it fit with the modern times (sort of). It seems to me like themes of us destroying each other would be too timeless to change. Well this is the late 2000’s, what do you think the new problem is gonna be? Why the environment of course. Back then it seemed like almost every major movie had some kind of environmental agenda to push. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it felt too preachy. The Day the Earth Stood Stillย (2008) falls into the latter category. It doesn’t help that Keanu Reeves is terribly miscast as Klaatu. Jaden Smith is annoying as well. They also gave Klaatu super powers for some reason. Then there’s Gort. He was definitely big in the original, but here he’s a literal giant. Which wasn’t a bad decision, but he also turns into a nanobot cloud. I don’t know what they were thinking with that one. The flying saucer is also replaced by some kind of green energy sphere. They occasionally tie in themes from the original, but a lot of it doesn’t make sense compared to the new stuff. It’s just way too complex. It’s so bad in fact that the title doesn’t even make sense in the remake. Just watch the original and don’t bother with this one.


Gort stands tall

Remake of: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

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