Queen of the Galaxy

Barbarella is a bit of an enigma. I’ve said in other comic book movie reviews that they would make a movie out of just about anything back then. Barbarella is based on a French comic book that I guess was popular back in the 60’s. The only reason I know about the movie is because of a list that I saw on TV when I was younger. It was called “Bravo’s Heroes, Villains, and Vixens.” Barbarella was on the vixens list and I never forgot her.ย Barbarella is about an astronaut whose tasked with saving the galaxy from a villain who plans to destroy it. A villain named Duran Duran (admittedly an odd place to get your band name from). But who cares about that, Jane Fonda is drop dead gorgeous. Barbarella travels to foreign planets, encounters a blind angel named Pygar, and has sex with everyone she meets. I’m not even exaggerating. Barbarella also dresses in several revealing outfits throughout the movie. The strangest thing of all however is the fact that the movie managed to get a PG rating. Despite the fact that Barbarella strips naked in the opening of the movie, appears naked in other semi obscured moments, and topless women are shown on more than one occasion. I know it was the 60’s, but come on. Barbarella is neither deep nor groundbreaking. Its only purpose is to show off how hot Jane Fonda is. So who am I to complain?


Barbarella in her spaceship

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