Pub Crawl Invasion

The World’s End is the third instalment of Edgar Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. It features a mint chocolate chip Cornetto that’s supposed to represent aliens. Unlike Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I followed The World’s End a lot more closely. I’ve always had an interest in alien movies, but that’s not the reason. Edgar Wright was originally supposed to direct Ant-Man, but he put that on hold until he finished this trilogy. I watched The World’s End late at night, five minutes after finishing Hot Fuzz. Most people agree that The World’s End is the weaker of the three. It’s still good, but it sort of feels like it was just made to fill a quota. Simon Pegg plays Gary King, an alcoholic who won’t even let the end of the world ruin his plan to complete the “Golden Mile.” Nick Frost plays Andy Knightley, one of Gary’s childhood friends who reluctantly joins him on his endeavor. While The World’s End does acknowledge the science fiction aspect of the movie, it seems to be a lot more focused on the alcohol. The main characters go to several pubs throughout the movie. Another difference between the films is the level of violence. All the aliens have blue blood which makes it a little less gory. On its own, The World’s End is hard to seperate from the other films, but still has sci-fi merit.

The World's End

Gary (right) and Andy (left) fight aliens

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