F.W.I. (Flying While Intoxicated)

Hancock could have been really good if they knew what movie they were making. I’m still not sure I like it or not. Parts of it are good, parts of it are bad, and parts of it are just confusing. Will Smith hadn’t ever played a superhero before, so this was his big chance. By playing an original superhero named Hancock (a name he got when he assumed his name was John Hancock). Hancock is about a superhero who everybody hates, because he’s a drunk who sucks at his job. Despite everybody calling him an a**hole, he still helps people, but his image is in desperate need of a makeover. So a public relations guy helps him out by sobering him up, giving him a costume, and fixing his image. When I first heard about this movie, I was curious. Not enough to go see it, but I assumed it was just a straight forward comedy. A drunk superhero is a funny image and the movie plays it that way. Then Hancock gets messy in its third act. The tone and story becomes something completely different then what it was in the first act. SPOILER ALERT! Charlize Theron’s character (who is married to the public relations guy) has superpowers too! Which feels like a completely out of nowhere twist. The tone also gets deadly serious and it feels like a completely different film. Maybe they just didn’t know how to end the film, but it would probably be better without it. I have rewatched Hancock on more than one occasion and it still makes me wonder how it could have been better.

Hancock drinks while flying

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