My God

Sister Act is a gimmick that works. Mostly thanks to Whoopi Goldberg’s terrific fish out of water comedic performance. All I knew about the movie was that Whoopi Goldberg played a nun. I had no idea why. Well she actually plays a Vegas singer named Deloris, who witnesses a mob hit. In order to protect her, the police hide her somewhere that nobody would think to find her. A convent where she poses as a nun named Sister Mary Clarence. I’m not a catholic, but I am familiar with how the nun lifestyle works. It’s strict, disciplined, and full of purity. Which is why Sister Act is so funny without being offensive. It’s also supported by a great soundtrack. Along with teaching her sisters to reach out to the community, she also teaches them to sing better. The songs are either gospel or secular. For example, the song “My Guy” is appropriately replaced with “My God.” All of it makes Sister Act a fun movie to watch.

Sister Mary Clarence (center) and the nuns

Followed by: Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

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