Those We Don’t Speak of

The Village officially marked the downfall of director M. Night Shyamalan. Although I’ve seen his movies in an unusual order, The Village is where you’ll start to see significant problems for the first time. Namely his habit of relying on twists, bad writing, and an unfocused story. The Village is about well… a village. It’s the 19th century and the villagers all live in fear, because there are monsters that live beyond the forest. It’s only creepy when the monsters show up (which isn’t often). Most of The Village is dedicated to characters worrying about who they’re gonna marry. It’s even got an all-star cast of wasted talent. Bryce Dallas Howard barely convinced me she was blind, Joaquin Phoenix barely spoke, Sigourney Weaver had nothing to do, Jesse Eisenberg had one line, and to top it all off, award winning actor Adrien Brody embarrasses himself by playing a mentally disabled person. But really it’s the twist that’s the problem. SPOILER ALERT! It turns out that the story actually takes place in the modern day. Everything was just an elaborate set up. It’s so baffling that it raises more questions than it should have. It makes me think Shyamalan wrote the twist before he wrote The Village. Which wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

The Village

Ivy hides from “Those we don’t speak of”

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