Shirley You Can’t be Serious

Airplane! will always be the greatest parody movie ever made. Which isn’t much of a stretch considering most of them suck. Airplane! was the first movie to do parody the way it did. Making a movie that targets a specific genre, jokes about everything, and takes itself very seriously. That’s what those crappy parody movies of the 2000’s were missing (you know which ones I mean). Not only is it a great parody movie, it’s also a great comedy period. And after watching it not once, but twice, I completely agree. You don’t even need to be familiar with what they’re parodying to find it hilarious. You see, back in the 70’s disaster movies were very popular. So it only made sense to mock them. Most people don’t know that Airplane! is almost a word for word remake of an old movie called Zero Hour!. All they did was add jokes and deliver it in a completely deadpan way. Which is why it works so well. Actors like Leslie Nielsen were known for their dramatic roles. Every joke he says is said with complete sincerity. Like the famous “Shirley” quote. There’s also a lot of great sight gags, like a Mayo Clinic with jars of mayonnaise. Or jive talk being treated like a language. Airplane! is seriously just as funny now as its ever been. “And don’t call me Shirley.”

Ted (right) and Elaine (left) try to land the plane with Otto the inflatable autopilot

Followed by: Airplane II: The Sequel

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