Don’t Call Me Shirley

Airplane II: The Sequel went exactly how I thought it would. It came out only 2 years after Airplane! and was only made to capitalize on the success of it. Which means they played it too safe. Almost all of the jokes are reused from the first movie and the stuff that isn’t doesn’t compare. They were just trying too hard to be funny. Their biggest mistake was Leslie Nielsen not returning. Which is weird considering every other actor returns. Airplane II: The Sequel actually isn’t about an airplane (it’s still the same premise though). Instead, all the action takes place in a space shuttle. They do parody sci-fi movies, but it all felt a bit out of place. Not that I didn’t laugh. It’s just not hysterically funny like the first movie. One review I read said the movie might have been good if the first movie didn’t exist. I don’t really see things that way. Airplane II: The Sequel is a mediocre parody movie with or without the original.


Ted (right) and Elaine (left) try to land the plane with death looming over them

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