Born to be Wild

Easy Rider has the 60’s written all over it, because the 60’s was a big transitional period in American history. The 50’s was a very wholesome decade that stuck to family values and a structured lifestyle. The 60’s on the other hand, was all about tearing down the establishment. Hippies, drugs, and free love were running rampant. Easy Rider explores all of that through the eyes of two bikers. Bikers who are just trying to explore this great country on their way to Mardi Gras. Oh, and their also trying to find the meaning of life. Peter Fonda writes, produces, and plays Wyatt “Captain America” and Denis Hopper writes, directs, an plays Billy. They meet all sorts of interesting people on their road trip, but their story doesn’t have a happy ending. It made it difficult for me to figure out what the moral was even supposed to be. Easy Rider tells a realistic and sometimes avant garde story. Keeping you entertained with its groundbreaking soundtrack. Groundbreaking, because it was one the first movies to incorporate songs from several bands that followed the flow of the story. Easy Rider was also groundbreaking, because it helped create “New Hollywood” movies. Movies that did things in a far more unconventional way. Easy Rider is a road that we should take at least once in our lives.

Easy Rider

Captain America (left) and Billy (right) are born to be wild

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