I Wrote You 365 Letters ๐Ÿ’Œ

The Notebook is (in my opinion) the ultimate chick flick. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I’m gonna be talking about one of the sappiest, most well known, and heartbreaking romantic movies ever, The Notebook. The Notebook is based on a Nicholas Sparks book. A man who knows romance, since many of his other books were also adapted into movies, but The Notebook is his most successful. I’m not sure why, since all the movies look about the same (they even have the same poster). Well just about every girl I know who brings up the movie, tells me how much they love it, and actually, so do I. Love is a strong word, but I did enjoy watching the movie. I wasn’t even forced to watch. I watched it because of the attention it kept getting. I’m a sucker for a good romance, so it gave me enough reason to watch. For those who don’t know, The Notebook is about an old man who reads an old woman a book about how a young couple named Noah and Allie met. The story takes place in the 1940’s as the two lovers meet, fall in love, get into fights, drift apart, and come together again. When they do drift apart, he writes her 365 letters a day for a year. Which is just as convoluted as it sounds, but it leads to one of the most famous movie kisses of all time. When Noah and Allie kiss in the rain after Allie confronts Noah about never writing her. Moments like that elevate the movie to something more special. And that includes the ending where it turns out the old couple is actually the couple in the book (not really a spoiler since it’s revealed halfway through). I’ll admit the ending had me crying my eyes out. That’s why I think The Notebook is the ultimate chick flick.

Image: Ryan Gosling Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook"

Noah (left) and Allie (right) kiss in the rain

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