Snap Out of It!

Moonstruck fast became my favorite (non-gangster) Italian movie. I never gave too much thought to the movie, but my mom said I should see it so I did. All I knew about the movie before hand was that Cher won a Best Actress Oscar. Which definitely doesn’t happen every Oscar season. It takes a very determined singer to be able to carry their talent over to acting. And after seeing Moonstruck, I get why she won. She’s completely dedicated to her performance as Loretta, an unlucky Italian woman. The rest of the movie is pretty good too. Moonstruck focuses on the relationships of an Italian family. The title refers to a giant moon that comes out when everybody’s relationship changes. Loretta is engaged, but she gets romantic with her fiancé’s brother. Nicholas Cage plays the brother and well, this is the kind of character that he excels at. There relationship makes sense in a fiery passion sort of way, since they’ve both lost something (he lost his hand, she lost her husband). Olympia Dukakis also won an Oscar playing Loretta’s mother. She asks the all important question, “Why do men chase women?” Moonstruck is a quirky, funny, well acted film that represents Italians in the best possible way.

“Snap out of it!”

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