Watch this Fantasy Movie

Ella Enchanted is a quirky and fun children’s fantasy. You either love it or you don’t. I lean more towards the former. Ever since my brother showed it to me after he’d seen it in class. This was back when future Oscar winner Anne Hathaway was in her early Disney era of performances. Her performance is just as charming and well acted as I’d expect from all her other roles. Ella Enchanted is sort of like Cinderella, but with a twist. Ella was given the gift (curse) of obedience. Which means she has to do whatever people say, no matter what. It’s just as bad as it sounds, but it does offer some good comedy and a surprising amount of emotion. When things get too bad, Ella sets off to force the fairy who gave her the gift to reverse the curse. Along the way she meets elves, ogres, giants, and enchanted objects. There’s also a cute romance to fill the need for a love story. Your standard fairytale fair. Although Ella Enchanted is a lot like Shrek in the way that it feels more like modern day. In the way that they sing modern day songs like “Somebody to Love” or “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” The only real problem is the dated CGI and occasional juvenile joke. Other than that, Ella Enchanted is an enchanting fairytale that I would recommend if you have a choice.

Ella fights back

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