By the Numbers

A Beautiful Mind is brilliant. It makes you think and it challenges everything you may think you know. I’ve been familiar with A Beautiful Mind for many years, but I didn’t see it until I was a little older. Luckily the story wasn’t spoiled for me. Which is good because something (I won’t say what) that happens in the movie is better when you don’t know it’s happening. A Beautiful Mind is based on a true story about brilliant mathematician John Nash. From when he attended Princeton to when he received the Nobel Prize, and all the trama in between. His genius mind is shown by the way he sees numbers and letters. Making for a fascinating and shocking viewing experience. Russell Crowe’s performance is what really makes the movie. Portraying John Nash as an awkward and often antisocial super genius. Which is why he really should have won the Best Actor Oscar (but that’s a whole other story). Jennifer Connelly on the other hand, did win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She plays Nash’s wife in the best possible way. As a woman dealing with a man with a beautiful mind. A Beautiful Mind also won Best Picture and Ron Howard won for Best Director. It’s also, in my opinion, a more worthy winner of Best Picture in 2001 than Chicago was in 2002 (both movies that beat The Lord of the Rings). I promise when you really know what’s going on, A Beautiful Mind is a whole new experience.

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash rethinks an equation

P.S. The bold letters are an anagram that reveals the movie’s twist.

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