I Only Work in Black

The LEGO Batman Movie portrays Batman as the most human he’s been in a long time. Bare in mind we’re talking about a LEGO minifigure version of Batman. After the awesome The LEGO Movie, spin-offs were the thing to do before the sequel came out. The first spin-off is The LEGO Batman Movie. After Will Arnett’s take on Batman proved to be a scene stealer, it only made sense for him to get his own movie. Plus DC is a lot more likely to do side projects while their main movie series is going on. I’ve always been a big fan of two things: superheroes and LEGO. Since Batman is one of my top favorite superheroes, I was curious to see what they’d do with it. Everybody knows everything about Batman, but do you know what Batman does when he’s not fighting crime? Well among other things, The LEGO Batman Movie is about Batman’s relationship with others. Whether it’s his butler Alfred, his newly adopted sidekick Robin, newly appointed Commissioner Barbara Gordon, or even his arch-nemesis The Joker. Just like the video games, the movie utilizes every single Batman villain (even the obscure ones), as well as every member of the Justice League. Not to mention the Batcave with every Batvehicle there is in it. The movie’s humor is very reliant on your knowledge of Batman and his history. There are so many hilarious references. In a time where almost every major movie is a superhero movie, The LEGO Batman Movie stands out above the rest.


Batman in the Batcave

Spin-off of: The LEGO Movie

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