New Love

Before Sunrise begins Richard Linklater’s 10 year trilogy. A trilogy I’d never even heard of until after it was already completed. In case you’re just as unaware as I was, the Before trilogy is a collection of romance movies that take place roughly on one day. They follow a couple that spend the entire movie just talking to each other and seeing the sights of a foreign location. That may not seem all that interesting, but try to imagine following a couple around, and just listening in on their conversation. You’d be very interested to know what they had to say. Before Sunrise takes place in Vienna. This is where American Jesse and French Céline meet each other for the first time. They meet on a train and it becomes apparent that the two of them have a connection. So they decide to spend the entire day together before sunrise (I even watched the movie in the morning just to drive that point home). Since the two of them think they’ll never see each other again, they end up talking about just about everything. The city, their lives, opinions on love, religious views, music, and all in great detail. In order to keep the conversations sounding realistic, the script was written by both a man and a woman. With its central theme being falling in love. Before Sunrise is simple, but effective.

Jesse (right) and Céline (left) fall in love

Followed by: Before Sunset

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