Old Love

Before Sunset continues Richard Linklater’s 10 year trilogy. After the success of Before Sunrise, they had no idea how to continue the story. Originally it could of had a big budget, four locations, and come out much sooner. Eventually it became apparent that having the movie take place nearly a decade after the events of the first movie was the best idea for a sequel. A line in the first movie actually hinted at that possibility. Before Sunset brings Jesse and Céline back together after not seeing each other since that magical night they spent in Vienna. Only this time, their encounter takes place in Paris. Jesse is an accomplished author and Céline has been living in Paris. This time the central theme is catching up with a past love. Just like the first movie, they talk for an entire day, this time before sunset (so I watched the movie in the afternoon). Their conversations are a lot more personal then they were before. They haven’t seen each other for so long that they have to talk about their lives and how much things have changed since the last time they’ve seen each other. Some of it even parallels things that happened in the lives of the actors playing them, but everything always comes back to that one night. Before Sunset is for anyone who’s ever wanted a second chance at love.

Jesse (left) and Céline (right) catch up

Preceded by: Before Sunrise & Followed by: Before Midnight 

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