Tired Love

Before Midnight completes Richard Linklater’s 10 year trilogy. It was at this point they realized bringing these two characters together after a decade should become a tradition. Or at least a trilogy. Before Sunrise was about falling in love and Before Sunset was about catching up with a past love. Logically, the theme of Before Midnight is trying to decide if you’re right for somebody or not. Jesse and Céline have been together ever since they ran into each other back in Paris. They’re not married, but they do have twin daughters. Their day is spent on vacation in Greece, with the two of them facing relationship difficulties. Like the first and second movie, the two of them talk about life, love, and the future. Since they’ve been together for so long now, their conversations are deeper and a lot more strained at times. Which is just the kind of thing that happens when you’ve been with someone for so long. You start to question the nature of your relationship. There’s a lot more arguing then there was before and even some nudity. By the end, they have to decide if they should stay together before midnight (so of course I  saw the movie late at night). Before Midnight is more different than any other movie in the trilogy, but it strikes a cord that older couples will appreciate.

Jesse (right) and Céline (left) talk about their relationship

Preceded by: Before Sunset

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